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Once and future website!
I’m alive! And after quite a while, so is my website! (Figuratively speaking; this is Tirifto writing, not Dr Frankenstein.) Since I have lost the original files, I’ve decided to write them anew and better, ditto for the program which helps me maintain them. That took a long time, since was quite occupied, but now I’m looking forward to getting back to work! 😸
About two girls.
About Kocian and the Innkeeper Who Had a Firm Hand
An ordinary day at the Kragels’ inn.
Vincek the Mushroomer
About a village mushroomer who experiences a rare encounter.
New website!
After a couple of years, I have finally gotten myself a new website. There’s not a whole lot to see in the English version right now, other than one poem and a few skins for the ‘Minetest’ videogame. But I did include a few links to some other websites that do have more to see, so do have a look!