My pseudonyme is Tirifto. (Either neutral or masculine pronouns are welcome.) You won’t find a lot of personal information here, since I prefer not to publish those, but I’d be happy to tell you about my interests.

One of the main ones is the international language Esperanto. I find it unjust that a few nations should ask the whole world to speak their language, and I believe that the world needs a neutral, international language. Esperanto happens to be such a language; it’s not perfect, but it’s simple, easy, living, and in spite of all, very human, too.

I started learning Esperanto in 2015 and I am using it daily, mostly for talking, but also for reading and artistic work. Right now I am trying to fully analyse and understand its grammar, since I find many of its current descriptions needlessly complex. Language learning is an endless journey, but if I happen to find something useful along the way, I’ll be sure to share it here!

Other than that, I speak Czech, English, and am currently learning French. Each one of those is a fun and beautiful language in its own right.


Another one of my interests is free software (free as in freedom, not price), since I believe that every person has the right to fully control their computer, and that technology ought to serve us, not the other way around. That becomes possible only when our software is free. You can read the definition and other works by Dr Richard Stallman, who has dedicated his whole life to the struggle.

While I feel at home with computers and their freedom has had my interest for many years now, I touch code somewhat rarely. At the very least, I try and inform about the importance of its freedom, participate in several projects as a translator, and take interest in the ways programming could be made more comfortable, more easily accessible, and more fun, too!


And much like software, I believe that art, too, ought to be free! I do not always avoid non-free art, since art is not a tool and isn’t problematic in all the same ways. But the inability to freely use and share its works seems dangerous and against the nature. That’s why I always appreciate when a work of art falls under a free licence.

I like writing short stories and poems, and sometimes drawing, too. But since I don’t have a lot of skill or experience with these, the results of such pastimes are not always presentble. You’ll be sure to find those which seemed pretty alright here!