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I wrote a short story called ‘Why?
I have translated two of my stories, ‘Vincek the Mushroomer’ and ‘About Kocian and the Innkeeper Who Had a Firm Hand’, into English. Enjoy!
After a couple of years, I have finally gotten myself a new website. There’s not a whole lot to see in the English version right now, other than one poem and a few skins for the ‘Minetest’ videogame. But I did include a few links to some other websites that do have more to see, so do have a look!

Hello there! I am Tirifto and this is my internet home. Here I publish my works, thoughts, projects, and (not too) personal information. Hopefully you’re going to have a nice visit! Would you like something to drink or eat? Please go ahead and help yourself:

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This website is multilingual; at the bottom of it, you will find links to switch between languages. But you should be aware that their contents are not always the same; I try to translate most of the content, but some parts will only make sense to speakers of certain languages, while others may simply not be translated yet.

And above, at the opposite end, you will find links which will help you move around the website and see what it has to offer.

If you need more contrast, you can switch the style of the website using the buttons below. Your browser will get a cookie to remember your choice.

I am using the selenized colour scheme by Jan Warchoł, and the (hopefully) nice and homey atmosphere has been inspired by an old version of JadedCtrl’s personal website. She’s also kindly hosting this website on her server.